Healthcare Fraud is a much bigger problem than most people realize.

Fraud, waste, and abuse are some of the main drivers of rising healthcare costs and rising insurance premiums. To absorb these costs, families end up paying hundreds of dollars more each year on healthcare.

Losses due to fraud (in billions)

Credit Card Fraud
Identity Fraud
Health Care Fraud

Introducing FraudScope

An AI-Assisted Platform for Detecting Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

FraudScope offers a whole new approach to healthcare fraud detection.

The FraudScope platform empowers your organization’s fraud analysts and investigators:
1 – to perform fast and accurate identification of fraud, waste, and abuse unseen by other approaches,
2 – easily integrate a variety of data related to a set of claims, and
3 – collaborate in a workflow that allows team members to quickly drive a case to resolution.

To learn how to maximize SIU effectiveness with an AI-assisted investigation platform, CLICK HERE to read our whitepaper.